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"Your fucking glasses!"

"Your fucking glasses.“ growled Kurt as he pushed his growing erection against Blaine‘s  hip.
Blaine's attempt to stifle a moan wasn't very successful.
"W-what?” he asked breathlessly followed by another rather loud moan as Kurt's hand cupped his hard on through his now very tight jeans.
"They're doing something to me. I couldn't concentrate at all during history, couldn’t stop thinking about doing this.” He punctuated his words with a roll of his hips against Blaine’s. “You're hot, but these glasses... they're totally turning me on. I didn't even know I had a thing for glasses before you showed up with them today."
He started to nibble on Blaine’s left earlobe. Instantly Blaine’s breath became heavier. His earlobes were one of his most erogenous zones and Kurt fully intended to take advantage of this knowledge. He knew it would drive Blaine crazy. Hopefully as much as the simple existence of Blaine's glasses drove Kurt crazy.
He licked along Blaine's ear shell and kissed his way down to his lips to kiss him fiercely once again, while his hand never stopped stroking him through his pants.
"Ku-Kurt...don't have a spare... one any...more”, moaned Blaine to warn him.
Kurt grinned and popped the button open. "Oh, no problem. I rather like having your pretty cock in my hand more than just rubbing my sensitive skin against the material of your pants."
Blaine thrust into Kurt’s hand as soon as his dick was out of his pants. "Ku-Kurt..."
"Shht, Baby. You wouldn't want to be heard by one of this girl when you're falling apart, wouldn't you? “Whispered Kurt and he started to stroke Blaine faster. Blaine bit his lips and Kurt grinned, even when his cock now strained almost painfully against his jeans.
"I want to fuck you, Blaine. Here in the girls’ handicapped stall. We don't have a girl in a wheelchair at school... we wouldn't even get interrupted."
Blaine bit harder down on his lips, his breath coming out ragged and harsh.
"Just. be. quiet.”, whispered Kurt with a seductive tone directly into Blaines ear, licking once again over the shell. Blaine whimpered louder than before. "But you can't. You love to be loud, to scream my name while I fuck you senseless."
Kurt took his hand away from Blaines cock and immediately Blaine whined about the loss, but became silent as soon as Kurt started to lick his palm to wet it. "Try to be quiet for me, honey."
Kurt took Blaine's fully hard cock into his hand again and started to jerk him off roughly, without any hesitation. Blaine moaned loudly. "Shht, Babe..." Kurt kept his lips near Blaine’s ear while he watched his boyfriend fell apart.
His curls broke free of its confines and his forehead was drenched lightly in sweat, his lips red and swollen from the heavy kissing and biting, his shirt crumpled and his cock was rock hard and hot and heavy in Kurt’s firm grip. Blaine’s breath was heavy, his face the same red as the tip of his glistening cock. Pre-come already leaked there and Kurt smeared it with his thumb, causing Blaine to moan again, followed by a hard bit down on his lips that nearly draw blood.
Blaine wanted more, so much more. Eagerly he thrust fast into Kurt’s already rough and fast strokes. "Imagine a group of girls here at school that could come into the room...“, Kurt whispered into Blaine’s ear. "Maybe Mercedes or Tina. Maybe some random cheerio slut. They could hear you moan like the little bitch you are. They could hear how eager you are for me and my cock; they could see how much of a cockslut you really are. But all those sounds you make are just for me, so don't you dare share them with the whole school...“ Blaine’s breathing became short. He knew he was close. Kurt knew it, too. Blaine pressed harder into Kurt's side, his eyelids starting to flutter. "Otherwise you won't get my cock today. How does this sound, Blaine? Not getting your mouth fucked by my cock? I know you want to suck it. You love to blow me, Blaine. And do you know why? Because you're my cockslut." He held two fingers in front of Blaine ’s mouth and Blaine let them in and started to wet them with his spit, swirled along the knuckles with his tongue, played with Kurt’s fingertips. "I should come all over your glasses and your beautiful face. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
Before he could answer, Blaine threw his head back and came hard. Most of his come splashed over Kurt's hand and some even hit the wall, but instead of letting Kurt stroke him fully through his orgasm, he kneeled down and nearly ripped Kurt’s jeans open. He took Kurt's painfully erected member into his mouth, hollowed his cheeks and started to suck Kurt dry. Hard.
Kurt whimpered in surprise.
He leaned against the wall, fighting for air since Blaine knocked him off in surprise.
"Bl-Blaine.", he groaned through gritted teeth and his hands gripped into Blaine’s curly, soft hair. "Harder!“, he demanded in a whisper and Blaine happily obliged. He even started to play with Kurt's balls, kneaded them in one hand.
Blaine really was a cockslut for his cock, Kurt thought. Blaine was the first to confess to have the urge to give a blowjob, and he even practised with a dildo before. Since then, Kurt let him practise a lot .. on his cock.
Kurt eyelids fluttered shut as Blaine sunk deeper onto Kurt’s length. "Fuck, Blaine ...“, he half moaned, half whispered.
Blaine hummed around Kurt's dick and took Kurt’s hand and placed it in his sweaty curls, a sign that he was ready to get his mouth fucked. No need to invite Kurt twice.
Kurt started to fuck Blaine’s hot wet cavern, while he gripped Blaine's head and shoved his cock harder in Blaine's mouth. They both had a thing for rough sex - especially on the receiving side.
He was close from the beginning, so it was clear he wouldn't last long.
"Bl-Blaine...", he stammered. "I'm...!"
An downright obscene plop echoed in the stall and Blaine could be so successful as a porn star, because he tugged a few times roughly at Kurt's member, licked over the tip of it and pushed his tongue into the little slit, while kneading Kurt’s balls in one of his hands. As the orgasms ripped through Kurt's whole body, Blaine opened his mouth and got hit with Kurt's come all over of his face, especially over the glasses.
Kurt groaned at the sight of his debauched boyfriend.
His knees started to give up, so he sank down on the floor next to Blaine and tried to calm his ragged breath, while Blaine took Kurt’s hand, licked his own half-dried semen off it and mixed it with the taste of Kurt's come in his mouth. He licked the palm clean, as well as Kurt’s cock before tucking him back in its skintight prison. "You're the most beautiful man, all covered in my cum, baby.", Kurt whispered, his voice full of love and awe for his boyfriend and he leaned in for a kiss. He could taste them both on Blaine’s lips and tongue.
"Wear your glasses again, at home tonight, Sweetie."
"I'll wear them on every occasion now", Blaine grinned shyly and adjusted the glasses on his nose.
The school bell let Kurt snap back in reality.
Blaine sat next to him in history and was adorable while looking confused. "Are you alright? You just stared at me the whole lesson, as if I am a ghost."
The other students started to leave the classroom.

"I have a problem, Blaine."
Kurt uncrossed his legs and Blaine nodded and licked his lips as he saw the huge bulge in Kurt’s oh-so-tight pants. "Oh, I see. Pretty vivid daydream then?"
"Very vivid. Want to skip school?"
"Let's go."

Fic: Watermelon

Media: Fic
Title: Watermelon
Rating: R (just in case)
Pairings: Kurt x Blaine
Spoilers: Episode 16 i think.
Warnings (if any): horny blaine?
Word Count: 386
Summary: Kurt loves watermelon. Blaine loved Kurt eating watermelon.

This idea kind of popped up into my head and had to be written down.


It was just a watermelon.


Consumed by delicious lips.


Accompanied by obscene sucking sounds.



Blaine took his eyes off Kurt and stared to the ground. He felt a fire already burning in his groin. He was used to live with Kurt now, was used to those uncountable ways of Kurt’s sexiness to show off (and not even noticed by that porcelain faired boy himself) but he couldn’t get used to that way it affected him every damn time.


Since Kurt started working [next to all his stuff he had to do for college], they didn’t have the time to help Blaine always with his “little” problem, because it normally showed up a few minutes before Kurt has to leave the flat – most of the time, when he already was running late - and Blaine had to take a cold shower every so often


Blaine dared to look again to his boyfriend.

He flushed immediately. Kurt had finished his piece of watermelon in this moment and he started to clean his fingers… by licking them in a more than very seductive way.

Blaine gasped for air and Kurt looked up to the curly head to his side. “Blaine…?” he asked perfectly innocent and lifted one eyebrow.


His lips shimmered from the watermelon juice.

They were red and swollen since Kurt loved to suck the juice out of the fruit flesh.

He darted his tongue out and licked his lips to get rid of a bit juice in the corner of his mouth and Blaine gave in his desires, leaned over to Kurt and captured his lips in a hungry kiss.


He pushed his tongue into Kurt mouth, tasting the sweetness of the watermelon and growled low in his throat. Kurt’s slender fingers grabbed at his hair and he moaned into the kiss, fighting back Blaine’s tongue. The kiss became fierier, but soon they ran out of breath and had to part.


Kurt leaned his forehead against Blaines and grinned, as he rubbed about the hardness in Blaines Jeans and earned a moan. “Since it happened that I have some time today… want me to take care of the mess I created?”

“I knew you did this on purpose…!”


“Just wanted to remind you, what these beautiful lips of mine can do.”


“I really don’t mind a lesson.”

so rest is up to your imagination :)

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black, red, silver, green~

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O[h my fu**ing gOOd! He's is hOt, and adOrable]

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nobody XD 
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Es. War. So. Geil!

Das Konzert war einfach nur der Hammer.
Es hat so mega viel Spaß gemacht.

Die Stadthalle in Wilhelmshaven ist recht hübsch, es passen in den großen Saal ne ganze Menge Leute und da er nicht bestuhlt war, waren es sowieso eine wirklich große Menge. Das Konzert war zwar nicht ausverkauft, aber ich denke, es waren dennoch zwischen 1000-1300 Personen da.
Das Parkett ist Ovalförmig und auch die wirklich tolle Empore ist so aufgebaut. Ich fand diese Empore unglaublich praktisch. Die "Stufen" waren gut 1,20 m breit und wir waren dadurch in der Lage praktisch auf Augenhöhe der Band zu sein. Wir haben also über die Masse hinweggeschaut und es war so großartig. Wir konnten wirklich alles sehen.

Wir sind zu fünft von Oldenburg nach Wilhelmshaven gefahren und sind ungefähr eine Halbe Stunde vor Einlassbeginn angekommen, standen sogar noch recht weit vorne in der Schlange, bei einem Konzert von J-Stars wäre das kaum möglich, da hätten wir ganz hinten gestanden. Alles war total entspannt und ruhig, ganz anders als z.B bei Miyavi oder Gazette. Anders Publikum, das ist klar.
Die Leute haben sich brav in einer Schlagen angestellt und mit 5 Minuten verspätung begann dann der Einlass.
Toll war auch, dass wir in der Stadthalle im ersten Stock, wo der Saal war, angestanden haben und wir nicht draußen bei dem Wind warten mussten, denn der Wind war wirklich kühl.
Der Einlass verlief reibungslos, wesentlich entspannter auch, als wenn man auf ein Konzert von J-Stars geht. Man wurde kurz gemustert, nicht mal abgetastet, außer man hatte wirklich viel in den Hosentaschen XD die Handtaschen der Damen wurden kurz durchleuchtet und weiter ging es zu den Ticketkontrolleuren.
Das Tolle an der ganzen Sache war, dass man sich die Tickets über die Seite des Veranstalter (Pumpwerk) auch Ausdrucken konnte. Dafür hatten sie dann auch einen eigenen Mann abgestellt, der die Abgescannt hat. Es lief alles reibungslos.
Die Gaderobe hat, wie ich von anderen hörte, auch gut funktioniert, der Fanartikelstand war auch gut besucht, arbeitete aber effizient und schnell. Kurz noch warten vor Einlass in den Saal und doch ging das recht schnell und wir waren drin.
Nach dem Konzert ging es dank der drei Türen zügig raus.

Um kurz nach Acht ist die Vorband dann auf die Bühne gekommen. Mono Inn, wenn ich mich recht erinnere. Diese haben eine 3/4 Stunde gespielt. Die Drummerin war nicht schlecht, die hatte eine tolle Stimme, aber ihr Drummsolo kann so gut wie jeder japanische Drummer besser. Mir hat es nicht so gefallen.
Sowieso fand ich die nicht so toll. Die Bühnenshow war nichts besonderes und die englischen Texte waren nicht einfach zu verstehn, weil der Sänger viel zu leise im Vergleich zu Eric Fish war und zudem undeutlich gesungen hat.
Aber die Musik an sich war gut.

Und dazu komme ich zum absolut tollsten: Der Sound in der Halle!
Ich hätte nicht erwartet, dass der Sound so ultimativ geil in der Stadthalle ist, aber das ist er. Es war der schiere Wahnsinn. So gut war selbst der Sound in der Live Music Hall in Köln nicht (objektiv, meine eigene Meinung).

Um ungefähr 21 Uhr hat Mono Inn dann die Bühne verlassen und die Crew hat angefangen die Bühne für Subway to Sally vorzubereiten, kurzer Soundcheck, auch der Einspieler von "Komm in meinen Schlaf" wurde getestet und dann ging es um 21:15-21:20 los mit dem Opener von "Komm in meinen Schlaf" mit dem die Band die Bühne betreten hat und angefangen hat.
Wie erwähnt, der Klang in der Halle war fantastisch und da die Musik von Subway to Sally auch super ist, war es ein traumhaftes Erlebnis.

Es war eine unglaublich tolle Atmosphäre. Die Leute warne entspannt drauf (abgesehen von dem einen besoffenen Kerl hinter uns im letzten Drittel des Konzerts, aber wir haben ihn ignoriert und er uns. Das war also auszuhalten)
und es hat einfach Spaß gemacht. Auf der Stufe wo wir standen, haben wir ordentlich Stimmgung gemacht und ich habe jetzt leichte Nackenschmerzen, vom Headbangen.
Aber es war einfach zu toll!

Die Band hat viel mit dem Publikum argiert und geredet und Show ist natürlich auch dabei (Feuerfontänen, Feuerspucken, eine Reihe aus Flammen, usw.). Es war alles in allem wirklich schön. Bei "Eisblumen" hat auch die gesamte Empore mitgesungen und dementsprechend wurde es richtig laut. Auf der Empore haben auch eher die Eltern von Jugendlichen gestanden oder etwas ältere, die einfach keine Lust auf Headbangen oder Pogen in der Masse hatten *lach*
Dennoch war es wirklich toll und ich bin sehr, sehr froh hingefahren zu sein. Es war wirkliche in tolles Erlebnis.

Der Schrei durfte nicht fehlen, ebenso wie das Summen bei "Kleid aus Rosen".
Viel Spaß hatten wir auch, als Eric Fish bei einem Lied Bodenski als die darin vorkommende Frau behandelt hat und z.B mit seinem Haar gespielt. Bodenski hat dann die Seite gewechselt, aber an seinem Grinsen konnte man sehen, dass er es lustig fand.
In Erinnerung bleibt mir auch, nach Sag dem Teufel guten Tag:
Eric Fish: Wer den Teufel einlädt muss mit seiner Mutter auch einen Kaffee trinken... *kurzes Stirnrunzeln* okay, das macht mir jetzt auch keinen Sinn *lacht*

Toll waren auch die Lichteffekte und die Leinwandelemente/Bildschirmelemente auf denen oft Szenen waren oder Logos oder passendes zum Lied. Beim allerletzen Lied, Vater, warne z.B Kirchenfenster zu sehen.

Subway to Sally verabschiedeten sich und ein Regen aus silbernem, runden Konfetti ging hernieder. Die Menge rief Zugabe und nach einen Moment fingen alle an "Julia und die Räuber" zu singen. Nach drei Strophen kamen Subway to Sally ein zweites Mal auf die Bühne. Zitat Eric: "Ich finde es toll, dass ihr uns damit ruft und nicht nur mit Zugabe. Das Lied ist wirklich im ganzen Land bekannt. Wir freuen uns!"
Es kam auf Kiel.
Zitat Bodenski zum nächsten Lied, als Eric sich fertig machte: "Das Lied entstand 1996 und wir spielen es immer wieder. EIn Lied ist wie ein Kind, das man in die Welt entlässt. Man muss sich um es kümmern. Es ist jetzt 13 Jahre alt... es kommt sogesehen in die Pubertät!" Beendet haben sie dann auch mit "Julia und die Räuber"
Und ein drittes Mal haben wir sie auch noch auf die Bühne bekommen.
Das wirklich letzte Lied auf dem Konzert war "Vater".
Geendet hat das ganze dann nach 2 Stunden, als ca 23:20.

Gespielt wurden verschiedene Klassiker, wie eben "Julia und die Räuber", "Veistanz", Lieder aus den Alben Nord Nord Ost, Bastard und natürlich aus dem Neuen. Die Mischung war gelungen und es war ein für mich sehr gelungener Abend.

Ich bin sehr froh da gewesen zu sein und es war ein sehr, sehr schöner Abend.
Es hat viel Spaß gemacht, ich nehme dafür meine Nackenschmerzen gerne in Kauf.

Danke an die Band für diesen unvergesslichen Abend!

XD muhaha und meine Umwelt darf sich jetzt auf ständige Berichte darüber freuen

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  I will spend my days as a Author, and live happily ever after.  
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